Apply Bite-B-Gone topically to eradicate the poisons.
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#1 Bug Bite Relief And Bug Bite Treatment On The Market

Mosquito Bites Treatment

These bugs are the definition of pest.  They are everywhere, their bites itch, and they also sometimes carry diseases as bad as malaria and yellow fever.  Luckily we have a solution for you.  That solution is Bite-B-Gone.  Just apply our product topically to the bite and it will immediately begin to relieve the itch and counteract the negative effects of the mosquito saliva.

Spider Bites Treatment

This is potentially the most irritating and sometimes life threatening type of bite.  Spiders are everywhere, and when they bite,  you will definitely want a bottle of Bite-B-Gone around.  This product has been effective on Brown Recluse and Black Widow bites.  Using our product topically on the bite the same way you would other bites and stings, it will get to work killing the venom and providing relief.

Wasp/Bee Stings Treatment

Stings are a bit more painful than your average insect bite.  This is because when a bee or a wasp stings you, it is not just a pin prick that gets you, it’s also the venom they inject while stinging.  This is another area we’ve got you covered.  Apply Bite-B-Gone to the sting and it will immediately get to work providing relief and also killing the venom that was injected.

“I have been using Bite-B-Gone for over 25 years.  I use it for sore throats, insect bites, stomach flu, and other ailments.  It is great for preventing and remediating many common illnesses.  Most spectacularly, I used it on a spider bite that I incurred in the basement of a tire shop.  It went untreated for 24 hours before I realized what it was.  By then, the whole area around it had swollen and began to spread up and down my leg.  I began treating it topically and within days it slowed the spreading.  In a couple of weeks, it had virtually disappeared.  I have no doubt the power of Bite-B-Gone, and have continued to use it with my own children.  I recommend it to everyone.”

Shem Smith

“The biggest thing I used Bite-B-Gone for was a common brown spider bite. Others kept telling me to go to the doctor, but I refused and kept using Bite-B-Gone on it. In a few weeks it healed and did not leave any scars. It’s an essential part of my medicine cabinet.”

Angel Keele

“I grew up using Bite-B-Gone and can’t imagine my life without it! I have used it for various reasons ranging from simple mosquito bites and illnesses to purifying my water before drinking it (while camping). One of the most profound reasons may be when I was bit by a brown recluse spider. It started off feeling like a mosquito bite but continued to grow and eventually had a dark ring around the initial bite. I used Bite-B-Gone continuously on it and it ended up curing the bite without any trips to the hospital, and most importantly, without loosing any flesh. ”

Celeste Witham

“My boyfriend was changing a light bulb and in the process was stung 37 times by wasps. He was very swollen to the point where is eyes were closing and he couldn’t even eat. He had a high fever, body aches and was extremely tired. On the second day, he was even more swollen and wouldn’t even get out of bed. We got a bottle of Bite-B-Gone to try on the stings.  We tried the Bite-B-Gone right before bed by applying a small amount to each bite. In addition, he took the drops in a glass of juice. The swelling, soreness, the fever and itchiness went down tremendously that very night. When we woke up the next morning, His swelling, fever and body aches were completely gone. He also reported that the stings were no longer itchy and was left with very little pain. He continued applying small amounts of Bite-B-Gone to his stings that day. After 2 days of using Bite-B-Gone, the stings were completely gone. We love this product and have continued to use it for illness and spider bites. Thank you Bite-B-Gone!”

Kelsie Savage

“Thanks to Bite-B-Gone my spider bite went away fast. I’m not sure what type of bite it was, but the area had a two hole fang bite from a spider. At first it just really itched so i thought it might have been just a mosquito bite. However after a day that area started to get a bump and the muscle really ached. So i had my wife take a look at it closer, thats when we realized it was a spider bite. So i started applying Bite-B-Gone immediately, the itch first went away, and then the effected area soreness effects went away within the next day or so. Love this stuff. I now use it all the time for any bug bites i get.”

Bo Congdon




There are a countless variety of uses for Bite-B-Gone. This is one product you want to make sure you have in your medicine cabinet and first aid kit. You’ll be glad you did.